Let us manage your social media engagement

As an e-commerce company founder, I know the importance of responding to customer request over social media quickly, but with so many platforms to handle it can be a real headache. I am building a platform that centralizes this management and draft replies using the power of artificial intelligence.

My pledge to you, is that we will engage with your customers on social media in a matter that reflects the values and image of your brand. I will also do so at a great value to you and at much less cost than it would cost to hire a social media manager. Our pricing will be $1 per reply. Thats all!

We are in the startup phase and still building our software solutions; what we ask of our first few customers is willingness to act as an advisory board, and share your candid feedback and suggestions so that I can improve and expand this new product I am developing.

If this sounds interesting to you, let’s talk for a few minutes and see what we can work out. Give me a call or text at 864-310-0337 OR send me your info with the form at the end of this page, and I’ll contact you. You will not talk to a sales team, because there’s not one, it’s just me, the founder at this time.

Click here to see a very rough demo of AI’s capabilities

Matthew Wilson